Wednesday evening float 8-21-2019

As usual, I get off work and race home to load up my kayak like any other wednesday evening and head to the river.

Upond arriving, I always cast for a few minutes at this quick riffle. It’s highly pressured but sometimes I get lucky here. I started throwing the square bill crankbait in the quick current and knocking rocks. Didn’t have luck in that spot today so I headed upstream where I spent the rest of the evening. I hit numerous pockets with the crankbait and Zman TRD in black and blue color. The TRD was the ticket for the evening. I scored 4 fish, 3 smallmouth and 1 largemouth. The largemouth was tiny but cool because this river doesn’t produce many largemouth. Over the last 7 years, I have probably only caught 7 largemouth on the river. So I was surprised. He was chasing bait fish in calm water next to current. So when I saw a ton of surface blow ups, I decided to cross stream and cast a few times. First cast and I had him on.

I crossed back over the other side of the river and spent the rest of the evening on the side pulling other a decent 14-15” smallmouth, another small one, and a really good 17” smallmouth. The 17” came at the tail end of quicker current right on the bend in the river. I was casting right out into the middle of the river when I caught it. All in all, it was a great evening spent on the river.

Screen Shot 2019-08-22 at 7.36.15 PM.png