Planning For 2019

Preparation starts way before the season gets close to starting for most. As tournament schedules come out for the upcoming season , it’s time to put a well thought out game plan together. 

  I’ve already started filling up the calendar with tournament dates, fishing shows over the winter, and pre fishing plans and accommodations .  Starting spread sheets to figure out tournament costs, camping fees, and estimated fuel costs for travel. The tasks seem grueling however it’s filled with excitement to know how much time I’ll be spending on the water next year.

  The tournament series I plan to fish are the KBL and the KBF Central division Trail Series. I may throw in a couple of KBF Open or Hobie Bass Open events into the mix as well. There are the occasional online events that will be thrown into the mix just to keep the AOY Points accumulating. 

  This will be my rookie year.  If I can get in contention for rookie of the year it would be a huge accomplishment even coming in the top ten. The biggest focus I need to have is just having fun and enjoying the fact that I have been blessed with a huge opportunity to contend in so many events this year.  I recently read an interview with KBF legend Jody Queen in which he stated his success can be attributed to the amount of time he spends on the water.

   After tournaments are marked down it’s time to figure out costs for the season. 

Screen Shot 2018-12-10 at 5.37.12 PM.png

In the charts above you see my breakdown for each tournament with dates, locations, cost of entry, cost of camping, fuel, food, etc. I believe a well thought out plan is the best way to accomplish anything. I tried to think of my expenses, and how feasible it was to make this my mission for the 2019 season. The things I haven’t included yet were the online tournaments along with fishing licenses. I believe this is just a start and I am sure things will change slightly as the season approaches. Hope this helps you all when planning out your tournament season.