Chasing A Dream

Chasing The Dream


The Background

Life is a gamble, and I'm going "all in" on the journey.  Driven by the passion that young child felt after landing a fish of a lifetime and that same 12 year old boy surfing through a Cabela's catalog, I'm going to dedicate all my time towards fishing and content creation.  The hope is to try to navigate my way through the sea of the fishing industry and hopefully land on my feet. I think this new adventure in the "game of life" is definitely a far fetched dream, but it is possible with determination. Do I want to spend my days thinking "what if"? Do I want to regret not even trying?  If it's possible, I believe it's doable.

    I've worked hard since I was 13 years old, dedicating a majority of my free time to work while missing family, holiday, and social events. We as a society have been taught over the years that you need to work a 9 to 5 and have the big house, and white picket fence, but is that what really makes us happy?  Slaving away doing something we aren't super passionate about?  Have you ever thought; "Would it be better to be poor and doing what I love rather than miserable and stressed out to achieve society's standards?"  If you're putting effort in to doing what you love and what you're passionate about, you can and shall succeed.

 Live The Story You Want To Tell

As most know, and for those that don't, I fish from a Bonafide Kayak. The companies tag line is "Live The Story You Want To Tell".  The story I want to tell, on my new mission in life, is "Follow Your Dreams".  Put yourself out there doing what makes you tick. Doing that thing that gets you excited when you get out of bed in the morning. Be passionate about it, and show others and teach others how to be passionate about it.  If we never shared our passions things would never grow.

  I've been a fisherman most of my life, however, when I found myself fishing from a kayak I found my true passion. The kayak community has been a pretty tight knit family that is starting to grow at a rapid rate across the country and over the world.  I've fished in many places, and on many different vessels, but the one that brings me more connected to the species I seek has been the kayak.  Kayak fishing is like a strategic plan from the first thought of heading out.  It's like a game of chess, and when you land that first fish it's like you just took your opponents Queen.  Checkmate comes at the end of a successful outing.  We don't always achieve checkmate, but that's the beauty of it.  It's what drives us back for more. It's what continues to teach us and better ourselves as fisherman.

The Plan

  At the end of April/Beginning of May next year I am leaving the company I started behind, and plan to fish full-time creating content, traveling, and fishing tournaments. I'm anxiously awaiting tournament schedules to come out for the 2019 season so I can start planning. Throughout the journey my plan is to document my daily endeavors of the journey. The good, the bad, and the ugly. The goal is to succeed and show people that if you follow your dreams and put in the hard work you can achieve that goal you thought was never possible.

  I'm nervous, excited, scared, and anxious all at the same time. However I know my keys to success will be from the love and support I receive from my family and friends, and the dedication I am going to put forth. 2019 is going to be a year that I will never forget regardless if I fail or succeed . The journey alone will give me strength, knowledge, and memories to last lifetimes. So I invite you all to join me along this crazy journey , and hopefully together we learn a lot and show that dreams are achievable.