Blue Sky... Kayak or Not??? Should it be Allowed in Kayak Tournaments???

There has been a ton of controversy over the Blue Sky over its inception. Is it a kayak, paddle boat, or pontoon boat? No one really knows however there has been an uproar on weather or not it should be allowed in kayak fishing tournaments. Is there really an advantage to this boat? Who is allowing it in their tournaments? Let’s get into the details.

The Blue Sky hasn’t really been classified as a kayak, however it’s inception was through a kayak company. Jackson Kayaks teamed up with Blue Sky Boatworks to make this boat a reality. It has a lot of modern day fishing kayak features. It runs off a Jackson Flex System Drive. It’s incredibly stable just like many other kayaks, but a little more possibly. It Features a higher seat than all kayaks, which makes it comfortable for all day fishing trips. At first glance however it resembles more of a paddle driven pontoon boat. When you really break it down I feel it has more features that fall inline with a kayak rather than a peddle boat.

The KBF has said it is allowed in all of its tournaments, but many of your local clubs have banned it. I think the reason small clubs have banned it, is because they really don’t know if the boat classifies as a kayak. However some of these same clubs will allow electric driven motors mounted to kayaks in their tournaments. In my opinion I feel this is a far greater advantage then being in the Blue Sky. You still have to exert energy to peddle the boat. Electric motors save the anglers energy, and also allows them to cover more water during a tournament compared to a paddle or peddle driven boat. I think this boat is just still too new to the market, and at some point more clubs will allow it to be used because it will draw larger crowds to their series.

Overall I love the concept of the Blue Sky. I would categorize it as part of the kayak family. I know from showing this boat at the Chicagoland Fishing show it really appealed to the older crowd, that couldn’t necessarily fish out of a standard fishing kayak. I am curious to see what the future will hold for this boat. In due time I feel it will be accepted, and rub off on folks. I love the thought and features behind it. I think we will see more great things from Blue Sky Boatworks in the future.