A Fine Farewell

When I look back at the past 8 months doing Paddle N’ Fin, I am blown away by how much this little podcast has grown. Even more than that, is the sheer number of people I’ve met and learned from. The pod is growing now at a velocity that we’ve never seen before and you might be thinking whats this blog all about? With that said, and with much thought, I’ve decided to walk away from the pod for a variety of reasons, some personal, some professional. Without getting into the details that led to my decision, which are unimportant, the pod is stronger than ever. Brian is a lightning rod go-getter and and most importantly a dear friend who is the driving force beyond this podcast. You all are in super capable hands. It’s been a great ride. I’m sure I will weasel my way back on as a guest at some point but for now it is farewell and if you see me on the water in my nuclear orange Frontier 12, please don’t hesitate to say hello. As Brian always closes the pod, “Tight Lines and Smooth Paddling!”


Look N' Back

If someone would have told me back in December of 2017 that this December,  I’d be writing a blog for my kayak fishing podcast website, I would have told them that they were "Nuts".   Equally, I wouldn’t have believed that in six months, Brian and I would finish the year with 20+ episodes, thousands of downloads and new relationships with product manufacturers, pro staffers and most importantly, the listeners within this wonderful community of kayak anglers.   Please don’t misunderstand me.  By no means am I injecting pride into any of this.  This is not about what we’ve done but more importantly what’s been done to us.  If anything, this whole experience has me humbled beyond belief. 

 We started this podcast back in June with one goal; to expand and connect the kayak fishing community through our common interest and, by George, that’s what we are experiencing, and namely, the Kayak Fishing Community giving back to us.  To be honest, what I didn’t expect was how much others would share with us by way of cool products, fishing knowledge and unique experiences.  Looking back, we’ve been fortunate enough to talk with folks from all walks of fishing from panfish to monster Sturgeon and all from a kayak!  We were introduced to cool and innovative products and have heard the wonderful stories of how folks got started in fishing and how they continue to pursue this passion.  When we started this journey, I really thought to myself, “How are we going to talk for hours at a time, week in and week out!”?   What I quickly found out was how important it was to listen.  There are so many awesome folks who have so much to share.  They have  different perspectives, techniques and stories.  Selfishly, I’ve learned way more than I’ve given and for that I am very grateful.

Additionally, this blog wouldn’t be very complete without addressing the listeners directly.    I can’t tell you how humbling It is to look in our inbox and see emails from all over the world.  Whether giving us a word of encouragement, requesting stickers or simply just saying “Hello”.  We read every email and respond if requested  So keep the emails coming and let's keep building the community together.

With humble hearts, we thank all of you for participating and partaking in this thing we call Paddle N Fin.  However, when I really think about it, it has little to do with a an episode, a logo, or a blog.  This whole thing is driven and sustained by nothing more than a "Community of people" who share a similar, simple interest and passion, we call Kayak Fishing. 


-Scott (PnF)

Cold Storage


It's early November here in Southern Wisconsin and the boats are no longer in their slips.  A few trees have completely lost their leaves while others maintain their orange, yellow and red palette that paint the wooded shoreline.  Winter will be arriving soon and my old friend, "the kayak", will have to find its' winter home and anxiously wait for the arrival of spring. 

Many of us struggle with saying goodbye to the old girl for the season but what can make it worse is if there's not a plausible solution for storing your kayak amidst the winter months.   For me this problem also existed during the season as I did not have the option of leaving my kayak outside, or have it taking up room in an already crowded garage where we needed to park our cars.  To make matters worse, my 12 foot, 41 inch-wide, Nucanoe Frontier 12 is not a boat that would easily conform to some sort of side wall mount that would work with my garage configuration.

What really made this work for me was a garage kayak lift.   One that is easy to operate and would store the kayak up and out of the way, even with cars parked under it.  The one I settled on was called the RAD Sports Kayak Hoist.  It was bought off of Amazon for roughly 30 bucks and I really had my doubts that anything this inexpensive would adequately support my ride.  All in all, my expectations were completely met and I have no regrets.  There are probably many lifts out there that are just like this and, for the record, I am not sponsored in any way by RAD, so this is not a sales pitch and not intended to be one.  This is a product I personally bought and exceeded my expectations.  See link below...


The installation was super easy and the lift fully accommodates my rather large fishing kayak.  Line braking is built-in so even if its not tied down, the kayak remains at its' level until you attempt to release it.  One can even engage the braking during descent to fix your grip. 

Suffice it to say that without the ability to store my kayak up in the rafters over two cars, I would be hard pressed to think that I'd even own one.  This little inexpensive piece of kit helped me to take the leap and actually get a kayak knowing that I wouldn't have to sacrifice any additional space within my garage.

For those of you who are "on the fence", in acquiring a fishing kayak, because you don't know where you'd put it when it's out of use...something like this might just do the trick.