Justin Marshall

Justin is a kayak angler from Dayton, Ohio. Growing up, Justin and his family frequented Grand Lake St. Marys for camping and fishing. On days off of school, his grandfather would take him there for pickup days, and it was trips like this that sparked his interest in fishing. In 2011, Justin met his close friend Brad Hicks and soon began bank fishing at the river with him. Around this time is when Justin began to expand his knowledge of using artificial lures and his knowledge of the river. In 2012, Justin bought his first kayak, a future Beach Fusion, for accessing new spots on the river. He and Brad begin floating all of the local Rivers, joining fishing forums and experimenting with new gear. Within the past 7 years, Justin has upgraded to three different kayaks, experimented with dozens of modifications, tested various products on the market, logged hundreds of hours on the water, and discovered a passion for kayak fishing. Within recent years, Justin has entered the kayak fishing tournament scene and participated in nearly thirty tournaments since. He continues to strive towards becoming a well-rounded angler on both lakes and rivers, however the river will always be his preference. In the near future, Justin plans to purchase a pedal drive kayak and travel outside of Southwestern Ohio to fish new bodies of water.




Josh Eldridge

Josh grew up and currently resides in Dayton, Ohio with his wife and 2 boys. He started bank fishing for catfish and carp about 8 years ago. A friend soon introduced him to wade fishing the local streams for smallmouth bass. Soon thereafter, while social networking on local forums, he came across the kayak fishing community. He was given an opportunity to paddle a friend's sit inside kayak on a river trip and became hooked. The following year Josh and his wife purchased their Jackson kayaks: the Coosa HD and the Cruise 10. Josh is an avid river angler and will be found chasing smallmouth bass mainly. He hope’s to become a better lake angler in the future. Josh looks forward to helping grow the sport through his home shop Loveland Canoe and Kayak and the podcast.