AFFiliate Links

These are companies we support and you should too! Help support those who support us!


Rocktown Adventures

Rocktown has become a huge supporter of the podcast. They just launched their E Commerce store offering everything from Kayaks, Accessories, Clothing, and Gear. Your one stop shop for all of your kayaking needs

Coyote Sunglasses

Coyote offers a large variety of eyewear, but we love the “BOB’S” . Featuring floating sunglasses for those time when they may slide off and end up in the water.

Hammered Lures

Eric Richards is the creative genius behind Hammered Lures. Eric is constantly working to make new and innovative baits for the fishing world. If you’re in need of some fantastic plastic baits, Give em a try, and hammer the fish!

MI-OH Kayak Anglers is one of the premiere kayak fishing tournament series in the Michigan-Ohio area. If you’re looking to get into the tournament scene and have some fun doing so, check out MI-OH

Loveland Canoe & Kayak

Loveland is based in Loveland,OH. They support some our hosts so we support them. Loveland is not only an outfitter, but a retailer as well. If you’re in the Cincinnati,OH area, and want to give kayaking, or canoeing a try, stop by Loveland. They also carry a variety of kayaks and gear for sale as well.

Elysian Fishing Rods

Small rod company that packs a big punch! These custom rods are built on top of the line Batson Blanks. Perfect thread wraps around Fugi Guides, with split grip handles that fit perfect in the hand for big hook sets.

Southern Lake company

Born and raised in Wise, Virginia. The idea of Southern Lake Company came about when remembering as a child the "Lake Life" atmosphere was much more than just going to the lake. It was a lifestyle. We live for that lifestyle and we want people to look good while doing the same.